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The magnitude of “The Butterfly Project,” which spanned more than 1.5 million butterflies and more than two years, prevents our Museum from individually recognizing everyone who contributed butterflies, time, donations, wisdom or support. This, however, in no way diminishes our appreciation and our tremendous debt to the many contributors.

We also cannot individually thank those who participated as part of a class project at thousands of elementary, middle and high schools around the world. We express our gratitude to all of the students and teachers who responded to the call of “The Butterfly Project” and poured their enthusiasm into creating magnificent and moving butterflies.

Holocaust Museum Houston Immediate Past Chair Gail Klein and “The Butterfly Project” Chair Tali Blumrosen committed to the preservation of the butterflies and the creation of this book in 2014. Our hardcover book has now become a reality through the coordination of HMH Vice Chair Benjamin Warren and the generous sponsorship of Peter Kraus and Bernstein Private Wealth Management. Kraus’s commitment celebrates the lifesaving work of his grandparents, who courageously saved 50 children from Nazi-occupied Europe in 1939.

The Museum’s Board of Trustees was generous with its counsel and guidance throughout the lifetime of the project, and volunteers served as the heart of this undertaking.

The Museum thanks the many volunteers who served quietly and anonymously. We acknowledge the efforts of Cyndy Elliot, Susan Myers and Mary Kay Porter in initiating the project. We also thank current and former HMH staff for their efforts to communicate, educate and support the development of “The Butterfly Project” and the exhibit “Taking Flight.”

We would like to make special mention of our staff, including Dr. Kelly J. Zúñiga, Dr. Mary Lee Webeck, Ira Perry and Tamara Savage for their direction and support. Lastly, this project could not have come to completion without the creative efforts of Janice Adamson, Susan Bischoff, Ellen Cregan, Donna Giles, William Johnson, Michael Marvins and Christine Miles.

Holocaust Museum Houston extends sincerest thanks to all supporters for keeping the memory of 1.5 million children alive and for allowing future generations to learn lessons of great magnitude from the Holocaust.