Hope is a commitment to action. Hope is more than wishing for the best. It’s the certainty that comes with knowing there’s good inside each one of us and it’s the commitment to bringing that good out in every situation.

Hope is a display of nonviolent resistance to the idea that the world we live in is worth saving. Hope is a protest. It’s a statement. To have hope means you’re not taking things lying down. It shows that you’re not falling for the trap that those who would divide us have set up—that “they” are different than “us.”

Because the truth, the real truth, is that we’re creating the world we’ll live in tomorrow with each and every word we speak or tweet. We’re building the future with every action we take and with all the stories we tell ourselves about the world. And because we have this power, each and everyone one of us can choose the legacy we want to leave. We can make hope stronger and more impactful than hate. Each of us can choose to come together and fight FOR something instead of against it.

Take The Butterfly Project Pledge. This is your individual commitment to action to create lasting impact.

Hope > Hate Butterfly Project Pledge to Stand With Hope


This is you way to tell us how you will stand for a better future. Download this image and share it along with your own "I will" commitment on your social media profiles. Make sure to use the hashtag #StandWithHope.
When we come together and declare how we will stand to change the future, we’re on the front lines of an uphill battle. It’s not easy, it’s not simple and it’s not going to be comfortable, but it is so, so worth it.
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