“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”
– Margaret Mead


Individual actions can seem insignificant. You do your part and wonder, “Did this make any difference at all?” And while you might not be able to see exactly how you contributed, do know that you did contribute. Small actions add up. By taking a stand for hope, you act as a catalyst—your contribution can inspire others to cultivate hope themselves in their everyday life. Their commitment to hope passes to another person and, before you know it, a whole community changes. Then a whole city. Then a country. Then the world. Social change doesn’t start from the top down—it builds from the bottom up.

We encourage you to join the movement to use hope as a tool for social change. The Butterfly Project invites you to become an ambassador for hope and to help champion this cause both digitally and in-person. We need YOU to help spread the message that Hope > Hate.

We’ll be here with prompts and resources to help you participate. Below is a “starter pack” of simple digital acts to get you started on your ambassador journey. We also want your voice to be a driving force for the future of The Butterfly Project by hearing what you are passionate about.


You can start by:

  • Taking the pledge to #StandWithHope.
  • Adding The Butterfly Project frame to your profile picture on Facebook.
  • Recording your own #HopeFor100 video and sharing it.
  • Show what hope means to you through writing and creating—use creative expression to show us causes that you are passionate about and how they intersect with hope.


Be bold and focused in your action to spur hope within your community and in time, the world. In order to create a global connection through hope, we need every single one of you. Make the commitment to make an impact and change the world for better.


To join us as an official ambassadors and receive updates and invitations to events, please sign up here.