We believe individual action is powerful, and necessary in changing the hearts of the community. The Help Hope Rise Action Rally was a starting point in spurring individuals to make a commitment to fight hate in every place that it lives. So many people notice the hate all around us, but don’t know where to start in combatting it. This event brought us together as a springboard to start making an impact and join the community of upstanders.

We highlighted ways in which hope could be used as a vehicle for social change while using the lessons learned from the Holocaust. Attendees brainstormed how to bridge barriers, shared stories of what hope means to them and connected with those around them. The event focused on the small actions you can take to combat hate with hope. Small actions can become something so much bigger. Small actions can change hearts, lives and the future.

Attendees committed to #StandWithHope by signing a pledge and taking a photo with our butterfly mural. These two small actions demonstrated intent not only to live out the pledge in their everyday life but also to share the mission of The Butterfly Project with those around them. We also asked each individual write on a chalkboard their hope for humanity and describe an actionable step that will help us attain this hope. This allowed everyone in the room to see the unique hope within everyone in the room. While we may all be different, hope for a better future creates a sense of connection.

As another form of personal expression of hope, each attendee had the option to be a part of our Hope For 100 campaign where we aim to gather stories of individuals in order to show the power of collective hope. We asked them what hope meant to them, what their hope for the future is and how has hope triumphed hate in their personal life. You too can ask yourself these questions, whether you choose to be a part of the Hope For 100 campaign or not.

Make your voice heard through small actions that carry large impact. Join us in The Butterfly Project and help us combat hate with hope.

Even if you didn’t attend this Action Rally there are still a multitude of ways for your voice to be heard. You can sign the pledge, film a Hope For 100 video and share hope everywhere you go with #StandWithHope.